A Slice of Trucker Life: Financing Your Rig

A tasty slice of trucking life includes cruising the highway and back roads, catching up with mates at truck stops, on time delivery schedules and safely returning to friends and family.

The less appealing bites may include long hours at the wheel, pressure to meet seemingly unreasonable deadlines, traffic, break downs and when it comes time to replace your truck, dealing with arranging the finance deal!

This site is designed to make financing your truck a good slice of trucking life!

Plenty of straight forward information on how to find the right finance deal for your rig.

What’s the Right Loan?

There are 3 main commercial finance products available for truck finance: Chattel Mortgage, CHP and leasing. We cover off on the basic details of each to give you a basic knowledge so, in consultation with your accountant, you can decide which one is the right one for your business.

Truck Finance Calculator

Even when you out on the road, you can easily get an estimate on your truck finance deal with the truck finance calculator. An online tool which is free to use and you can access from any device where you have online connectivity. Get an estimate on your truck loan while you’re in your cab having a break, too easy!

Why Use a Truck Finance Broker?

This is somewhat of a no-brainer: whether you’re an owner-driver or manager of a trucking business – you’re days are already full

You’re busy working on the road and you don’t want to or can’t afford to, take the necessary time off to spend on the phone or in meetings discussing finance with banks and finance companies. A broker will handle all aspects of the deal for you: source highly competitive quotes from a wide range of lenders, negotiate a great interest rate and handle finalising settlement when you accept the deal.

That’s just one of the benefits of dealing with a broker, there are plenty more – read on!

Bad Credit Truck Loans

Many owner-drivers, those starting out in their own business and even established trucking businesses can find themselves in the situation of having credit issues. This doesn’t have to be a bad slice of trucking life, you can still be offered a very attractive truck finance deal with bad credit history, no documentation or general credit issues.

About Us

This site is about empowering you to power on. To fuel you with the information to confidently move on with arranging a finance deal which is right for you, your business and your truck.

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